Scientist, storyteller, author.


Sukur Khan, PhD - Scientist Storyteller

Sukur Khan - Scientist Storyteller

Sukur Khan, Ph.D., is a retired scientist who, in old age, enjoys walking, thinking, and sharing his thoughts through fiction. When Sukur’s neurologist diagnosed him with late-onset Alzheimer’s, Sukur spent many days and nights for years learning about the disease and how to cope with it. Sukur is organizing to simplify his daily living in his own world, in his own way, to survive. It’s a matter of everyday living and making decisions and clearly seeing what he is able to fight and what he’s fighting against. He is fighting without knowing the terms of the battle. ​ Sukur published his second book, In Quest of Creativity, March 31, 2019. 

Sukur, in his mid-70s, suffered one minor stroke, followed by a couple of hospitalizations related to heart problems. It all happened in the same year. After about a year, Sukur had recovered bit by bit and was able to gain control of himself. Then, a stranger started to appear in his head early in the morning, just when he first had woken up from sleep, still lying in bed. Sukur would stay in bed for a while until the stranger started to bother him. One night, he woke up in the middle of the night to a scene that had happened about fifteen years ago, which seemed so real. He did not even remember it. His grandchildren were very young. Sukur's family had a big house. The family drove and showed up in the middle of a Friday night to spend the weekend with them. Those nights had an exclusive trademark of sound, noise and smell, all a package of memory. One night recently, Sukur woke up and believed he had truly woken up, but as he turned the lights on and went to the door, he thought he heard his wife was talking to him. In a moment, he realized that this was a hallucination, a flash of memory and a nightmare. Sukur is now writing down his ‘magical moments’ in his upcoming book.